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a girl named jaen says,  “she’d rather you love or hate her music as opposed to being apathetic about it.”  Provocative and prolific, a girl named jaen (agnj) is a versatile creator with an unexpected fresh voice. She's carving her own path in “Popternative" music with a mix of dark minor experiments and atmospheric major glimmers of hope, showcasing compelling melodies and thoughtful lyrics. On the surface you'll hear a voice that's clear, youthful, playful and sensual. Listen longer and you'll feel her venerability, fear, pain and love.  




Growing up in Southern California, agnj was always creating and performing.  She's danced and choreographed since she was little kid only halting when a couple unexpected injuries pulled her off the dance floor and forced her to find a new outlet for her inherent need to create. When a work colleague asked if she knew any singers who could perform for a showcase he was scouting for, jaen blurted out “I do!" She said, "It was like my inner muse was screaming, start creating again!” She had no experience singing, but she got the gig singing covers with a live band every week for almost a year. She taught herself to write songs by sitting in on industry song critique sessions and studying songs on the radio. 


Making A Mark


 agnj has garnered many accolades for her music including top writing awards from songwriting contests like John Lennon, USA, Unisong, Australian, Broadjam, and others. She’s released multiple albums, eps and singles of her own music as well as having her songs recorded by indie artists Lisa Danaë and Reazons Unknown. She's been featured in indie song compilations and has placed many of her songs in TV and Film airing on NBC, CBS, Showtime, WB, CW, UPN, MTV, VH1, Disney, Lifetime, Hulu and shown at Sundance, in online videos, slideshows, webisodes, DVDs and more. 


What Others Say 


"'Dusk,' by a girl named jaen is not your standard singer/songwriter album. Full of electronic effects and tape loops, shimmering strings (as well as a host of other organic instruments) set to rhythms that are sometimes closer to hip hop than folk, jaen has created a stunning work that is extroverted and introverted, atmospheric and sensual, moody and popping."

Star News- Paul Andersen - Pasadena



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a girl named jaen's

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And This


The latest release co-written

w/Lisa Danaë & Duck Leary

Performed by: Lisa danaë


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And This

"Get Away"

The latest release co-written

w/& performed by:Lisa Danaë


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And This

"The End of the line"

The latest release co-written

w/& performed by:Lisa Danaë


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