a girl named jaen

"Resist as long as we are breathing,

 when greed is succeeding,

 when there is injustice,

 when there is oppression…” - agnj

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rebel with a cause

Download “Resist”, a girl named jaen’s battle cry and help some worthy charities


about the song "Resist"

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2016 had some low moments for many of us as we lost so many great artists. Also, later in the year, we were all hyper-focused on the US Presidential Election. How did we feel on that night in November and the day after that? This song explores how we got up, spoke out and Resisted! For some, it was a wake-up call. This Pop-ternative Anthem is agnj's answer to the beckoning to Persist, Resist and Stay awake through the revolution!


agnj is so excited to use the 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of "Resist" to raise money for the charities listed above. Why did agnj choose these specific charities: The Southern Poverty Law Center because: there is no room for hate in this world! Check out the brilliant work they've been doing for years. The Nature Conservancy  because: we can all become better stewards of our beautiful Mother Earth, 1 new good habit at a time and they are at the forefront protecting her and beyond. Lastly, agnj was indelibly struck when she heard someone surmise, that the next war would be fought over not oil, but water. This lead her to learn about the good work that Charity Water does.