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In this edition of jaen’s refrain you’ll find:

  • Dance Show Obsession
  • 2 Video Features from current 2011 show
  • 2 Video Feature Classics

My love of dance and choreographing goes back to when I was very little. Of all the arts, dance, is the closest to my heart. So, I was naturally drawn this show! I’ve watched almost every episode of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), only missing a few from the first season. The first season was pretty good but boy did it take off after that and every season the dancer’s get better and better. I watch a lot of entertainment reality shows but this show by far, has the best example of talent. Sure you get the audition process with all it’s funny bits and “not so brilliant” dancing; but boy do you ever get the most amazing stuff too! In addition to the great dancing there are some amazing choreographers like the stunning Mia Michaels (M.I.A. so far this year, miss her), Wade Robson, Sonya Tayeh, Nappytabs, Stacey Tookey, Mandy Moore Desmond Richardson & Travis Wall (former SYTYCD finalist) just to name a few. Plus you get to hear fantastic music synched with the routines and often live performances from the musical artists themselves.

I hope one or more of these videos touch and inspire you as they have me and so many others!

On my wish list is to have one or more of my songs from my forthcoming new album “Gloss” or my forthcoming EP with Shotgun Radio used in synch with choreography on So You Think You Can Dance! That would be so incredible! A girl can dream right! I’m getting misty just thinking about it!

I’m going to now let these short but beautiful videos speak for themselves. See links and brief descriptions below. I’m of course watching this season! We’re going on the 3rd show and I already have some fav individual dancers as well as a favorite couple as you’ll see below. Go Melanie and Marko!


Melanie and Marko – Contemporary Dance
Choreographed by Travis Wall
Song is “Turn To Stone” by Ingrid Michaelson
Visually stunning, beautifully danced, choreographed and beautiful song. This was my first arm chills of the season!

Click here to see Melanie and Marko Contemporary Dance

Melanie and Marko – Lyrical Hip-Hop number
Choreographed by Nappy Tabs
Song is “I Got You” by Leona Lewis.
Well acted, danced, choreographed and perfect for this positive song.

Click here to see Melanie and Marko Lyrical Hip Hop Dance

Kayla and Kupono – Addiction Contemporary Dance
2010 Emmy Award Winner
Choreographed by Mia Michaels
Song is “Gravity” by Sara Barellies
This routine, the dancing and this amazing song kills me every time. Miss Michael’s interpretation of the lyrics is deep.

Click here to see Kayla and Kupono Contemporary Dance

Jaimie and Hok – The Hummingbird and The Flower/Contemporary Dance
2008 Emmy Award Winner
Choreographed by Wade Robson
Song is “The Chairman’s Waltz” from “Memoirs Of A Geisha” Soundtrack
The artistry and how Wade choreographed this so perfectly for his dancers abilities, coupled with this stunning piece of music will never get old to me.

Click here to see Jaimie and Hok’s Contemporary Dance

So You Think You Can Dance, in it’s 8th season is airing currently every Wednesday till the Finale. http://www.fox.com/dance/

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