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I’m so excited to say that this is my first “official” blog about a musical album.  Those of you who know me, know that I love all kinds of music but I often tend to be drawn towards the darker side of various genres; especially in the Rock and Electronic category.

However, no matter what the mood or style, what always draws me in to a song is the melody.  “Melody is king” I always say. A couple of months ago, a super talented photographer friend of mine Jared Platt, turned me on to Mindy’s music. He just knew I would love her and insisted that I listen on the spot. So, caught up in Jared’s enthusiasm I put on my headphones, plugged into his i-Phone and was immediately captivated by everything about this artist and this song. She had me after the first verse and by the time I finished the first hook, I knew I had to hear more.

When I returned home, I opened up my i-Tunes and checked out Mindy’s past songs. Her past songs are all well done; but to me, she was just gearing up comfortably and so naturally to “Anchor” down for her current opus.

After previewing a handful of songs I decided it was the album “Anchor” that I had to have. After just one listen to each song, I put her music on my i-Phone, i-Pod, i-Mac and my laptop. Yes, it’s Apple too! Her music is sonically lovely even compressed down to the smallest of mp3’s. Ultimately, I burned a cd copy for my car in full sound quality audio, old school though it may be cuz damn it, that’s how well produced and performed music should be heard!

Voice: Mindy’s voice is pure, lilting, warm and sweet but not saccharin. If you like the loveliness of Marketa Irglova (heard & starring in the fantastic movie “Once”) or Kat Parsons an incredible L.A. Cali talent (who also makes me so happy,) you will probably love Mindy’s performance on “Anchor”.

Lyrics: Her lyrics are so visual e.g.; “Walk on a wire, jump through a fire for you. Hang from my knees on a trapeze while you make me spin. Yes, you make me twirl like a circus girl.” The lyrics on this album are simple, but smart and relatable without being too sappy. Okay, maybe some might consider some of her lines sappy; but I don’t fricken care cause they make me so…happy.  Sure, I love my provocative, spooky, shocking, sexy art ; but I want my Disney too! 😉 Cuz, it’s all about balance people, balance!

Melody: Seriously, I do believe while she was writing this album, she breathed in Oxygen and breathed out unforgettable melodies; tons of them.

Production: It’s classic and not over-produced.

The songs: I love them all; but if I had to highlight a few for sampling, here goes:

I Do Adore – This song makes me deliriously happy. Maybe it’s the ukulele, maybe it’s the killer good chorus, maybe it’s the tempo, maybe it’s cuz it’s just so foot-tapping and singable. I heart!!

Anchor (title cut) – I’m a sucker for a waltz time. I love the beautiful visuals. It’s a warm & lovely ballad. Her voice is perfect here. It’s lilting; but plaintive, not weak.

All The Pennies – Musically upbeat and whimsically positive with another fantastic and memorable chorus!

Hourglass – This song makes me sway with a peaceful smile.  It taps into the innocent kid in me.  It makes me hopeful.

All About Your Heart – Fresh and everlasting love theme. This song encompasses a lil’ bit of all that’s good about each one of the songs on Anchor.

This album is a perfect example of why there are still those of us, who while we do and will continue to purchase mp3 singles; are still so excited to purchase an album of songs. Yes, kids an album is not an old scratchy, dusty, melted piece of black round vinyl with a small hole and ridges that your folks used to listen to; it’s a collection of songs.  It’s a journey that takes you on a ride and allows you to experience true artistry and not just a spoonful of ice cream over the counter; but the whole damn ice cream cone. In the case of the album “Anchor” I’d say it compares to my favorite Pistachio Gelato from Italy.

I’m far too often worried bout’ what other’s think of me; but when I hear Mindy’s up-tempo songs, I just wanna dance in a way that’s not at all “cool”; that is so full of abandon like little kids do.

Mindy’s album got me through counting receipts in prep for this year’s taxes. Yes taxes; a task that I do not enjoy.  I just kept it on repeat, sang along, invented harmonies and plodded through my spreadsheet until it was done.  Thanks Mindy!

Ultimately, these tunes are positive slices of life about the people we know and love.  I dare you to hold a clenched fist while listening to this album!

As Mindy’s song “All About Your Heart” says, “If you were an ice cream flavor, you would be my favorite one”.  Well Mindy, this is and I’m sure will remain, one of the most beloved albums in my music collection.

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  1. Dear Jaen,

    Thank you so much for this generously written post. It makes me so happy to know that my little collection of songs has brought you joy. Best wishes to you!

    Mindy Gledhill